A Proven Track Record

Northeast Office Systems, founded in 1987 is now one of the largest subsidiaries of Global Imaging Systems, Inc. (a Xerox wholly owned company). We are an authorized Xerox, Konica Minolta and HP dealer. Covering central & eastern Massachusetts, we have evolved into an industry leader, offering an innovative mix of products and services that have affected the way that organizations manage their document assets.

Northeast Office Systems utilizes our 360° assessment to analyze the true operational costs associated with document creation, management, production, distribution, and archival. Integrating our broad knowledge base with specific customer needs, we design and implement a new technology infrastructure that enhances workflow and makes your business more efficient, and competitive, while saving you substantial amounts of money.

Our mission is to deliver customized and scalable solutions that will reengineer your business processes to optimize your document asset management.

Experienced Professionals
You can be assured that the recommendations you receive from Northeast Office Systems are based on years of experience. Tenured document management professionals staff our team. You benefit from systems designed by Certified Document Imaging Architects. Our proposals are developed and implemented with the advice of certified network professionals.

Power Up the Way You Work
We are dedicated to improving our clients’ businesses. We are dedicated to helping transform the way you work. There are three main ways that we help: Productivity Enhancing Systems 
Enhance your office productivity. Our portfolio of printers and multifunction systems make your office staff more effective. Sensible multifunction systems combine printing, copying, faxing and scanning features in one device. All of this is backed with excellent customer service.

Cost-Reducing Services
Get control of your printing costs. Our Managed Print Services help you get control of your printing costs. First, we help you identify the costs. Then, we make recommendations to improve your printing environment. Finally, we offer ongoing service and management for your fleet. The bottom line: you save money and reduce the IT hassle of managing printers.

Value-Added Document Solutions
Streamline your business processes. Paper and digital documents drive business processes. Our solutions transform the way you work by streamlining the flow of information through your business. To accomplish this, we integrate best-in-class document software with multifunctional office systems. The net results are positive: increased profit, improved competitive advantage and enhanced workflow.