About Us

A Proven Track Record

Northeast Office Systems, founded in 1987, and is now one of the largest subsidiaries of Global Imaging Systems, Inc. (A Xerox wholly owned company) We are an authorized Xerox, Konica Minolta, and HP dealer. Covering central & eastern Massachusetts, we have evolved into an industry leader, offering an innovative mix of products and services that have affected the way that organizations manage their document assets.

Northeast Office Systems utilizes SmartPrint™ workflow assessment to analyze the true operational costs associated with document creation, management, production, distribution, and archival. Integrating our broad knowledge base with specific customer needs, we design and implement a new technology infrastructure that enhances workflow and makes your business more efficient, and competitive, while saving you substantial amounts of money.

Our mission is to deliver customized and scalable solutions that will reengineer your business process to optimize your document asset management.

Experienced Professionals
You can be assured that the recommendations you receive from Northeast Office Systems are based on years of experience. Tenured document management professionals staff our team. You benefit from systems designed by Certified Document Imaging Architects. Our proposals are developed and implemented with the advice of certified network professionals.

Our 360 Process

We focus on delivering measurable business results.


We begin by defining your needs and how your company works.


We measure key aspects of your current processes.


We analyze data to identify opportunities for improvement.


Customer Satisfaction

Not only meeting, but exceeding our customer's expectations is always our focus.  We strive for excellence in all that we do and as a result our customer satisfaction is consistently ranked among the best in the industry.


Why Choose Us

We Create The Best Tool For You

Our 360° Assessment serves as a gateway to discovering new and improved ways to work with technology and handle the flow of information.

We Are Local Experts

We are a part of the Conway Group, headquartered in Nashua, NH.

 Covering central & eastern Massachusetts.

We Love Our Community

NOS is dedicated to helping our communities grow and prosper. We believe in paying it forward, and we strive to sponsor and participate in programs that make the world a better place.