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We are among the nation's largest and most respected consultancy firms specializing in workflow assessment and optimization. Our business is uniquely positioned to help companies understand true cost breakdown, asset deployment, usage patterns and volumes along with the development of sustainable working practices and continuous improvement initiatives. We have successfully led Fortune 500 companies as well as small organizations - in every industry from healthcare to education and manufacturing - to achieve better financial results, improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

The Eastern 360 Solution

You're in the midst of a content explosion. Companies have more paper and digital files than they know what to do with. We'll help you organize content, cut costs, streamline processes and print less with our Managed Print Services.

How Managed Print Service Works

Assess and Optimize: a holistic view of your printing needs. Read More >

Secure and Integrate: connect everything to your IT environment. Read More >

Automate and Simplify: smart workflows to capture, route and retrieve your company's documents. Read More >


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